West Virginia’s Susan Boyle? I’m a fan!

I admit it.I’m a sucker for the underdog. I love to see the little guy rise to the top. I think I’ve watched Susan Boyle sing “I Dreamed a Dream” on “Britain’s Got Talent” at least 4 million times. I haven’t seen anything like it in two years. As much as reality show producers try to milk it – try to promote someone as the next Susan Boyle – it usually falls flat.

And I’m not going to claim the video I’m posting here rises to Boylesque levels. But it is awfully fun! I just discovered it last night while watching a rerun of “America’s Got Talent.” I really haven’t watched the show this season, but as I was folding laundry last night, I needed company. Just something to provide a little mindless chatter while I rolled socks and tried to figure out why I had orphan socks. Where did the mate go? Anyway, I took notice when a man named Landau Eugene Murphy Jr. took the stage. He’s a car washer from Logan, West Virginia who has never auditioned before. His personality was infectious as he chewed gum and joked with the judges. It was hard not to root for this guy. And then when he started singing….ahhh….so cool. Frank Sinatra himself would be proud.

If I ever do laundry again and find myself watching the show (NBC, Tuesday 7pm and Wednesday 8pm), I’m voting for Landau. Watch for yourself!

Landau Eugene Murphy