Who should win “Dancing with the Stars?” Vote now!

If last night’s results show told us anything it’s that YOUR VOTE MATTERS! First place finishers Maria Menounos and Derek Hough were sent packing. They finished with a nearly perfect 59 out of 60 points for their two dances Monday night. But they still managed to received the lowest vote total when you combined judges’ scores with audience vote.

The biggest surprise of the night might have been the pass to the finals given to classical singer Katherine Jenkins and her partner Mark Ballas following a back spasm Monday night which nearly leveled her at the tail end of her routine. She finished a full 3 points behind Menounos, but obviously garnered more audience votes.

Hearthrob William Levy and his partner Cheryl Burke finished in second with 58, followed closely by Green Bay Packer Donald Driver and his partner Peta Murgatroyd with 57.

The judges have remarked that this has been the most talented cast in Dancing with the Stars history. In any other season, any of these three finalists would easily be the favorite. Not this year.

The power is with you. Let us know who you’d pick.

16 thoughts on “Who should win “Dancing with the Stars?” Vote now!

  1. I think Derek and Maria got the shaft! They are much better dancers than Mark and his whiney partner.

  2. I can’t believe that someone that has been consistenly at the top of the leader board can be voted off. It seems that football players have unlimited resources because they are all rich, so the vote has nothing to do with talent. Donald is a good dancer, but not as good as Maria and Derek. This would have been a CRITICAL time to have had a dance off! Bad move!

  3. derek and maria should have never beensent home they were the best its true they were at the top and then get sent home not fair i think its all fixed

  4. well now that derek and maria were sent home my votes go to katherine and mark

  5. William and Cheryl are great. All the professional dancers are great, but none compare to Cheryl. She and William make a beautiful dance couple. It’s a joy watching them!

  6. Derck and Maria got the shaft. Its all because of Len. He needs to retire. Maria was the best dancer than Katherine.

  7. Why didn’t the judges make the decision betwee the bottom 2 like they did earlier.

  8. Katherine Jenkins obviously deserves to win DWTS. She is a fabulous dancer. Donald and William are good, but do not have the natural talent that Katherine has.

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