Your Voice Has Been Heard – Now What?

Thanks to the thousands of you who voted in “ON TV’s” latest polls on who should win American Idol and Dancing with the Stars. It’s always fun to hear from readers on who their choice would be.

To recap: On TV readers chose Jessica Sanchez over Phillip Phillips to take the crown 54% over 46%. America obviously disagreed giving Phillips the edge.

The Dancing with the Stars vote was even closer. Get this: Katherine Jenkins beat out her male challengers in the narrowest of margins. She had 33.79% of the vote compared to 33.33% for Donald Driver and 32.88% for William Levy. A razor thin victory that didn’t translate to the real competition (Driver beat Jenkins who finished in 2nd with Levy in 3rd).

My point is with all of this. We need to do more polls. It was fun! Now I want to know what you want to talk about.

I’ll warn you this blog tends to reflect the things I like to watch. That’s what you can do with a blog. (If you don’t like the shows I write about, you can start your own blog with Areavoices. Just leave a comment here and I’ll tell you how. End of shameless plug.)

So what will you read about here in the future? In addition to Dancing with the Stars and Idol, I like Modern Family, Smash, Castle, Hot in Cleveland, Ghost Hunters, Who do you think you are, Survivor and just about anything on the Food Network. I abhor The Bachelor franchise. More on that in a later post.

But let me know what shows you like. I’ll try to oblige you and write about them. But again, if I don’t, I’d love to read what you have to say about them. (Okay, sorry that was one more shameless plug, wasn’t it?)