A Downton Abbey Tease

Like a morsel of food to a hungry man or a drop of water to the parched, today we Downton Abbey fans got just a small taste of what we really need.

A look ahead to season three.

During the American Film Institute’s tribute to Shirley MacLaine, actress Elizabeth McGovern introduced a clip of Maclaine’s first few moments at Downton.

You might remember it was all the buzz last year when it was announced that Maclaine would make guest appearances as Lady Crowley’s (McGovern) mother Martha Levinson.

How would she interact with the snooty but colorful Dowager Countess played by Maggie Smith?

Well, we need wait no more. Here’s a clip from the award show broadcast on TVLand courtesty MSN’s TV Buzz Blog. Forgive the poor quality. But pretend you’re watching a pirated tape from the black market. Kind of feels that way for Downton fans like me waiting for a fix.

But that’s just what this is…a small fix. After all, those of us in the United States won’t see Season three start until January of 2013 on PBS. Until then, watch and savor.