The fall TV season is off and running

As a few more shows have debuted their season or series premieres this week, the new fall TV season is pretty much in full swing (except for NBC’s Community, which unfortunately will have its fourth season debut delayed indefinitely, the network announced earlier this month). So with a few episodes of most shows under our belts, what’s been the highlights so far?

For those of you with Showtime, I’ve heard that the Emmy-winning Homeland is off to a great start. Unfortunately, I don’t have the channel at home, so I may have to start watching at a friend’s house. If you haven’t seen Homeland yet, I’d highly recommend checking it out – the first season came out on DVD a few weeks ago. It’s an intelligent and thrilling drama, but because it’s on Showtime it probably flew under the radar a little bit.

In terms of new shows I’ve been watching this year, I’ve been enjoying The Mindy Project on Fox, which had its third episode last night. It’s a smart, well-written comedy, pairing perfectly with Fox’s New Girl, airing right before it. Thursday night, with The Office and Parks & Rec on NBC (both of which have been enjoyable so far this fall as well), used to be the comedy night of the week that I looked forward to, but Fox’s Tuesday night is rivaling that this year.

So far I’ve also enjoyed CBS’s new drama Vegas, which injects some star power into Tuesday nights with the pairing of Dennis Quad and Michael Chiklis. Should be fun to see where this one goes.

Unfortunately, I’ve missed the first few episodes of ABC’s new drama Last Resort and NBC’s Revolution, but I’m hoping to catch up on Hulu this weekend – they’re apparently two of the more exciting shows so far.

But what do you think? What’s been your favorite new show of the season – or, have they all been nothing to write home about?


One thought on “The fall TV season is off and running

  1. I can’t say as I have really started watching any new shows this fall. I have pretty much just stuck with the usual shows that I watch. I am a big fan of the show Supernatural so I was pretty excited for that to come back last week. Otherwise, I am too busy with work to find the time to watch new shows. If it isn’t on my DVR I usually don’t get a chance to watch it!

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