Updated: Fallon, Letterman film shows without audience due to Hurricane Sandy

If you stayed up Monday night to watch the late night talk shows, you might have noticed something unusual: First David Letterman on CBS, and later Jimmy Fallon on NBC, filmed their shows without the usual studio audience in attendance.

Of course, the reason for that is that both Fallon and Letterman film in New York City, which was hit hard by Hurricane Sandy yesterday and last night. Once practically all public transportation was shut down, it became difficult – if not impossible – for the show’s audience members to make it to the respective theaters (Letterman films in the Ed Sullivan Theater at the corner of Broadway and 53rd, and Fallon films in the Rockefeller Center in midtown Manhattan).

But even without an audience, the shows’ guests still braved the elements to make it. Denzel Washington visited Letterman, and Seth Meyers chatted with Fallon.

The dynamic on the two shows was definitely different, but the two hosts made the most of it, doing their best to entertain in the midst of what is still very much a grim situation for many people on the east coast.

You can watch LettermanĀ here, and FallonĀ here.

Did you watch the shows live last night? What did you think?

WEDNESDAY MORNING UPDATE: Although Jimmy Fallon filmed Tuesday night’s show with an audience, Letterman went a second straight show without anybody in the seats. Ken Burns and Andrew Bird were his guests. You can watch the most recent audience-less Letterman here.