My “Idol” days might be numbered

I’ve watched American Idol nearly from the start. As the mom of a newborn that summer of 2002 it was fun to watch while I fed the baby.

I was draw in by Kelly vs Justin. (Although, I’m happy to say I never did watch the movie.)

The next season, I weighed in on the Clay vs Ruben debate. I still think Clay was robbed.

I’ve been through seasons that thrilled – getting goosebumps listening to Fantasia sing “Summertime” and watched as Simon Cowell accurately predicted that Carrie Underwood would be the most successful Idol.

I also stayed loyal during those seasons that seemed a little sub-par. Season six with Jordin Sparks versus that beat boxing guy. Not real riveting.

Then there were those years of picking cute, youngish white guys. (Wait. Aren’t they still doing that?) What are their names again: David Cook, Lee Dewyze, Chris somebody. Alright. That’s okay. The voters have spoken.

I even sat through the changes in judges. I liked Ellen DeGeneres and gained a new appreciation for Jennifer Lopez. (I didn’t realize she was that nice.) And Steven Tyler….well he never really gave any feedback of any kind, but it was fun to see what he would wear or (s)wear.

But I might be calling it a day with this show. Not for the contestants, which based on last night’s show seemed pretty run of the mill. We heard from people who endured hardships to pursue singing and starry-eyed teenagers looking for a break. It’s not for them that I’ll stop watching. In fact, I’d like to see more about them.

It seems last night’s show was more about the judges: Mariah Carey, Nicki Minaj, Keith Urban and Randy Jackson. And who am I kidding? It was mostly about the first two. These two (overimpressed with themselves) women bickered most of the night. Poor Keith Urban was stuck between the two of them, squirming like a distant cousin at a dysfunctional family dinner. Poor guy. Probably questions his career decision with this one. Couldn’t he have just stayed down under with his lovely wife?

It wasn’t good TV, like some have claimed. It was irritating and obnoxious, much like Minaj herself.

This was just the first episode, so the loyal soul inside me says to give them another chance. But I’m busier now. My newborn is now almost 11 and I think we’re both a little over this.

6 thoughts on “My “Idol” days might be numbered

  1. Tracy: I am so happy I found this note about the new Amer. Idol. I competely agree with you. I was a die hard fan since season two and it kinda tapered off, but what I say last night was just horrific. It used to be about the talent on the stage not at the judges table. I’m glad I am not the only one who noticed.

  2. oh give us a break, IDOL is a powerhouse and its great TV watching and the talent always comes through, no one can argue with their success.

    so the women are catty and diva-like, what did you expect? get over it, and enjoy.

    thanks ps- 8 of top 10 twitter trends last night were IDOL related, so its relevant.

    FOX: “American Idol” season premiere (18 million viewers, 15 rating)

    • Sorry wiskyfan….I try to approve comments as quickly as I can…but life gets busy. Glad you still like Idol. I agree that there’s awesome talent…but I’m just not loving the new judges. I’m sure ratings will still be good….

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