Game of Thrones, Mad Men, new Netflix shows and more

I haven’t had much to write about on here lately, so this morning I thought I’d take a look at some more upcoming midseason TV premieres as well as another new Netflix show. If you weren’t aware, there are some big heavy hitters hitting the airwaves (and computer screens) in the next few weeks.

Game of Thrones: For those lucky ducks with HBO, “Game of Thrones” comes back this Sunday, March 31: Previews make it look like this season – the show’s third – will be as thrilling and expansive as ever (also: dragons!). Seasons one and two are available on DVD if you need to catch up.

Mad Men: The sixth season of the popular AMC drama returns the following Sunday, April 7. If you need a refresher, Netflix just made all episodes of season five of “Mad Men” available for instant streaming today.

Hemlock Grove: “Hemlock Grove,” another new Netflix show a la “House of Cards,” will be released for instant streaming on Friday, April 19, with all 13 episodes being made available at once. Created by horror-master Eli Roth (“Hostel”), “Hemlock Grove” is a horror series that supposedly has something to do with a werewolf. Because it’s horror, this show certainly lacks the wider appeal of “House of Cards,” so I’m intrigued to see what kind of reception/ratings it gets. But it definitely shows Netflix’s desire to continue to be a big-time player in the original television market.

And then, of course, there’s “Arrested Development.” The cult comedy’s fourth season makes its much anticipated debut on Netflix in May, though the exact date hasn’t been confirmed (there was a rumor that the date would be May 4, but Netflix hasn’t officially announced anything yet). As with “House of Cards” and “Hemlock Grove,” all episodes of the season – 14, in this case – will be released at once.

Other premieres of note: NBC’s “Revolution” and “The Voice” return tonight.