Even more new shows and spring finales

Though this was a long and cold and long winter, it had a few upsides (like, one or two). Being cooped up inside for so long meant that I finally had a chance to watch some of those TV shows that had been on my list but that I never got a chance to see before (thanks to Netflix, mainly).

I mean, I watched a LOT of TV.

The recent warm-up was timed perfectly (or so I thought), because having watched everything I wanted to watch, I’d be able to go outside and be content that I had consumed enough pop culture until next fall.

Except…a few weeks ago NBC debuted its new “Hannibal” show on Thursday nights, which so far has been worth watching. Then Netflix released its new original series, “Hemlock Grove,” with all 13 episodes available to stream (I’m still torn on this, by the way – I intend on finishing the season, but the show is a huge step down from Netflix’s “House of Cards”). And then I realized that I get the Sundance Channel and can watch “Rectify,” a new miniseries that’s worth checking out. 

And by the time I have those finished, it’ll be time for the new season of “Arrested Development,” which is set to be released for streaming by Netflix on May 26.

Maybe it’s because of just how much television I’ve consumed over the last few months, but continuously playing catch-up with all these new shows seems more exhausting than in past years. But I suppose it’s a good thing that there are shows like these that we actually want to watch, right?

Making it easier for me to find time is the fact that starting this week and going through May, most series are actually starting to end for the season. Which means I’ll finally have time to catch up on everything else, and maybe even get outside to enjoy summer.

End times

Here are just a few of the upcoming season finale dates:

May 1: The Americans (FX)

May 2: Parks and Recreation (NBC)

May 9: Two and a Half Men (NBC), Glee (Fox), Person of Interest (CBS)

May 13: How I Met Your Mother (CBS), Castle (ABC)

May 14: NCIS (CBS), New Girl (Fox)

May 16: American Idol (Fox), The Office Series Finale (NBC), The Big Bang Theory (CBS), Scandal (ABC)