‘Mad Men’ conspiracy theories

As AMC’s “Mad Men” winds down its sixth season, some intriguing theories regarding Don Draper’s wife, Megan, have been making their rounds on the Internet. Specifically (warning! [potential] spoiler!), that she’s already dead, or that she’s going to die at the end of the season.

Both theories took off after some eagle-eyed viewers realized that a shirt that Megan wore in one particular scene appeared identical to a shirt once worn by Sharon Tate (Sharon Tate was an actress and wife of movie director Roman Polanski who was murdered by a follower of Charles Manson). Such a wardrobe choice couldn’t have been a coincidence, people thought.

Whether or not the theories are true are yet to be seen – viewers are anxiously awaiting the final two episodes of the season to see if their predictions hold fruit – but they at least make for some fun speculation. Here they are in more detail:

Megan Draper is already dead

Viewers started wondering about this two weeks ago, when Don hallucinated after falling face-down into a pool at a party. In his hallucination, he saw Megan, as well as a dead Private Dinkins. During that scene, Don asked Megan how she found him (since the party was in California), and she responded by saying that she lives “here.” Some people took that to mean that Don was dead as he lay in the pool (because of his interaction with the obviously dead Private Dinkins), that the “here” Megan was referring to was the afterlife, and that she’s already dead.

However, in last night’s episode, we clearly saw Megan have a conversation with, and interact with, several other living characters, which would seem to imply that she’s still very well alive. That, then, leads us to theory number two…

Megan Draper is going to die

This seems the more likely possibility, with all the evidence dug up by the Internet foreshadowing Megan’s ultimate fate. For example, her wardrobe choices lately have been a lot of black and red, which seems slightly ominous (and again, people argue that clothing on “Mad Men” is never coincidental).

Additionally, if the Sharon Tate connection was done on purpose by the show, the timing fits: Tate was killed in 1969, and this season of “Mad Men” is up through late summer/early fall of 1968 (the June 2 episode took place during the Democratic National Convention of August 1968).

Viewers have come up with other pieces of evidence as well, but that’s the overall gist of it. Thoughts? Is the whole thing irrelevant speculation? Do people have too much time on their hands? Whatever the case, I’d guess we’ll probably know more in the next two weeks…