Sharks + a tornado = SyFy’s “Sharknado”

File under: “TV writers just aren’t trying this summer.”

On Thursday night, SyFy is airing one of its original (and terrible) movies called “Sharknado.” Yep, it’s pretty much what it sounds like – when a hurricane, or rather, a tornado, (filled with sharks) hits Los Angeles, thousands of sharks terrorize the city’s flooded streets.

No, I’m not joking. The movie airs at 8 on Thursday on SyFy. Check your TV guide.

Why should we care about something like this? Well, there’s a lot of bad TV out there this summer, especially on the big networks, and a lot of it is masquerading as good TV. “Sharknado” is bad TV, but it doesn’t pretend to be anything else. Honesty like that is almost refreshing, don’t you think?

And if you need more terrible shark-themed programming, SyFy will be airing its many other shark movies before “Sharknado.” Check out the classics like “Sharktopus,” “Swamp Shark” or “Malibu Shark Attack.”

Oh, and also “Mega Shark Vs. Giant Octopus.” How could I forget “Mega Shark Vs. Giant Octopus?”