Hollywood Game Night – Celebrities and games and drinking

I have been in a Netflix slump lately. Well, not necessary a slump, but I’ve forgotten what real TV is. But, thanks to a phone call from my sister, I finally turned on the cable I pay $90 a month for and watched Hollywood Game Night.

Let me tell you . . . I’m glad I did!

Not only do I love host Jane Lynch in basically, well, everything, but it’s hard not to love some of the best television comedians competing against each other.

Granted, they did play interesting games like ‘Guess The Candy Bar’ and ‘Put the Picture in Order of Jennifer Aniston’s Hairstyles’, but I think that’s what made it interesting.

So this show had Amy Poehler, Maya Rudolph, Jason Sudeikis, Fred Armison, Dax Shepard & Sean Hayes. My only let down, was that they had two ‘non-celebrities’ competing with them. Which, I guess is the point of the show, but still, more celebrities!

And as the show goes on, Amy and Jason get more drunk, and it really just gets more funny. You have no idea what Amy is laughing at, but she’s so funny (and her laugh is so funny) that you’re laughing too.

Whoever had enough pull to keep getting all these awesome people on the same show, thank you, and I love you.