The wardrobe on this show is driving me nuts!

I ask you a simple question today. I’m a little irked. Why must women on primetime television either being sex kittens or queens of frumpville? There’s no middle ground. Case in point: Body of Proof on ABC. I really love the show. It centers around Dr. Megan Hunt played by Dana Delaney, a former neurosurgeon who is now working as a pathologist solving murders through examining bodies. A modern-day Quincy. But Quincy never dressed like this.

On any given day, you’ll see Dr. Hunt go out to a crime scene stepping over dead bodies in 5 inch platform pumps. Once back in the lab, she works on the bodies while still dressed to the nines. Can those shoes really be comfortable on the hard tile floor of a medical exam room? Her boss, played by Jeri Ryan isn’t much different. This hard-charging woman shows up at press conferences in low-cut blouses and tight skirts. Seriously? When is the last time you saw a county official on the news dressed like that.

On the flip side, Detective Samantha Baker played by Sonja Sohn. Apparently producers want her to be one of those stern and serious police officers. None of that Charlies’ Angels stuff. But they go overboard. Her wardrobe consists of the same ugly grey or black suit with a plain colored shirt underneath. She looks like Elliot Ness. And of course, it looks like she’s wearing orthopedic shoes.

I look around my office right now. I don’t see women dressed like any of these three people. My female co-workers are dressed appropriately. Practical but feminine and fun. Let’s send some of these producers or costumers to the real offices of America. I know TV is supposed to be fantasy. But just watching these women makes me want to jump off my stilettos.